About Us

This range of products is about finding the bare beauty in nature. Inspired by floating on the serene waters of the Dead Sea in Jordan, by cherishing the moments spent soaking in a flower bath in Sri Lanka, by taking a refreshing shower in a garden in Malaysia, and by waking up every morning to the beautiful Pacific Ocean with the goal of expanding the use and knowledge about the added benefits of nourishing natural ingredients and the power of essential oils.

Sarah Rajei


For us, NATURAL is not a buzzword or marketing term, for us NATURAL means RICH, WHOLESOME and SAFE. At Reveal Naturals we use the best of nature to exceed your standards and achieve your ultimate skin and hair care beauty goals with the perfect products.

From our Reveal Naturals headquarters in California, our team of experts carefully craft our product mixtures to reach their ultimate efficacy through a unique synergy phenomena within the ingredient interaction, we selectively include the purest, most active ingredients from the earth.